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 Celtic mystery (Stella,Lindsay)

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Det. Thomas Kelly

Det. Thomas Kelly

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Celtic mystery (Stella,Lindsay) Empty
PostSubject: Celtic mystery (Stella,Lindsay)   Celtic mystery (Stella,Lindsay) EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 9:51 pm

Thomas pulled up to the New York Hilton and walked inside were he was greeted by Det. Flack, who then lead him up to the room that had been taped off, Thomas showed his badge to the officer that was standing by the crime scene tape when he and Don walked up, the officer nodded, then let him in, Thomas recliped his badge to his belt as he walked on by and over to the crime scene, pulling his csi jacket tighter around him so it would not get in the way, when he was close enough, one of the detective's informed him of the case, Thomas listened to him as he looked down at the body, the female guest was laid on the bed, dressed like a Celtic Warrior Queen, "Odd" Thomas said to himself as he gloved up, then began to process the area, he was halfway finished when an officer called out to him, "Det. Kelly, you have a visitor" the young officer said to him, Thomas stood up and turned to see who it was

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Celtic mystery (Stella,Lindsay)
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