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 A Much Deserved Drink [Open]

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Cassandra Green

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PostSubject: A Much Deserved Drink [Open]   Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:12 pm

The work day was over and all Cass wanted was a good drink and good company. Where else could she get that but the bar she used to work at. Standing out front of the building, she smiled contently as she remembered the good times she had in her years of working here. Pulling open the door she took a step over the threshold and was instantly greeting with smiles and waves from the staff she had once worked along side with.

Sliding up to the bar, she grinned as her old manager approached her from behind the bar. "What can I get ya Cassie?" He asked, a grin on his face. "The usual. Been a long day and I need a good drink." She replied, resting her arms on the bar. With a nod he took off to grab her a pint of Guinness. Saying hello to the various waitresses and bartenders as they passed, Cass felt a bit of sadness pass through her that she no longer worked here. Not that she didn't like her job at the lab. That's what she had dreamed of doing, but this place had so many good memories for her. The manager came back and slid the beer to her. "How's the big lab job going?" He inquired. "Going good, really enjoying it there. Miss you guys though too."
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A Much Deserved Drink [Open]
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