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 New Orleans

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Det. Stella Bonasera

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PostSubject: New Orleans   Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:05 am

New Orleans, 5:24am.

Clicking heels are heard throughout the lab, the echo in the building is very loud at this time of the day. The sun is shining through the large windows, the light making my hair look slightly lighter and makes my smile a little bigger. It looks like it's going to be a good day, of course not so good because we have another case, but that's the job so as long as there is work there is a job for me.

Entering the break room to grab some coffee I find my team already sitting there. I'm pretty sure they don't see this day as a good day by seeing the rather annoyed and tired looks on their faces. "Good morning everyone" I say a little bit too happy because the youngest of them looks at me and asks what's wrong with me. He can be such a sweetheart sometimes but not in the early morning. "come on guys, the weather looks promising and we still have a job during the financial crisis" I say and pour myself a cup of coffee. They should really see the positive side more often.

I have to admit the people are different than in New York. It's not that they aren't nice, they are just not the family I had in the New York Crime Lab which is a shame. I can honestly admit that I miss them.


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Det. Thomas Kelly


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PostSubject: Re: New Orleans   Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:39 pm

At the same time, Thomas was up a bit early and standing next the window of his hotel room. He decided to use some of his vacation hours that he built up and get out of New York for a while. Shannon and Sara would have come with him, but they couldn't get the time. As Thomas looked over the part of the city his hotel was in, he thought back about the times he and Stella worked together back in New York.
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Det. Mac Taylor


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PostSubject: Re: New Orleans   Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:43 pm

Mac was working on a case in New York City. He was happy to have Jo Danville on his team. "She's a tough cop, very tricky to figure out but nonetheless she's great," he thought to himself. He constantly catches himself glancing over at Jo's office, which once was Stella's. "I wonder how Stella's doing. I do miss her."
Mac was never one to get easily distracted but the transition from Stella to Jo has somehow gotten in the way. He knew he was going to have to face the truth that Stella wasn't coming back to the NYPD, although that thought did cross Mac's mind. "Could Jo and Stella work here together? Maybe I should call Stella. Wouldn't hurt."
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PostSubject: Re: New Orleans   

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New Orleans
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