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 Near Death [ Mac Taylor ]

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Near Death [ Mac Taylor ] Empty
PostSubject: Near Death [ Mac Taylor ]   Near Death [ Mac Taylor ] EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 4:35 am

Title : Near Death
Pairing : Mac & Maya Taylor
Rating : K
A/N : Own nothing apart from Maya.
Summary : Finale of Season 8 and a vision from Claire helps Mac. But how? ( This was inspired by a song I'd been listen' to )

Chapter One

Mac had been working on a case which lead him to a convenince store and he notices another girl come in to the store and he asks her to call 911, but she shoots Mac in the back with a single shot,leaving him there bleeding on the floor.

Paramedics get to the store and they rush Mac to hospital where he is taken for urgent surgery and while the surgery is happening, Mac is walking through the lab with only flickers of lights guiding him around when he is in his office, leaning against his desk.

Mac sighs wondering if he can keep doing his job, but Claire appears and spoke " Mac, what's wrong?" and Mac looks up to see Claire stood there and he walks to her, then admits " I'm not sure if I can keep doing this job anymore.", as Claire knows that Mac is close to burning out.

" I know you love this job. The Mac I know would never give up. That's not the man I married." Claire said and Mac knew Claire was right, then admitted " I miss you so much.", as Claire nodded then said " I know you do.".

Claire asked " Have you met anyone since 9/11?", when Mac replied " Yeah I did meet someone. She's called Maya and we got married two years ago.",

Mac smiled as he wondered what Claire thought, when Claire replied " I've seen you with Maya and I like her. I also noticed that you both have children together.", as Mac replied " Yeah twin boy and girl.".

Claire then said " I approve of Maya and she makes you happy." when Mac nodded then said " Yeah she does and I love her.", which makes Claire smile knowing that Mac has someone to love since she died.

As Mac fought for his life, he saw Maya and their two children at their apartment crying at the loss of Mac and it made him fight to be with them and, so Mac fought to survive and after his surgery, the team along with Maya were waiting for news.

The doctor came out to the team and told Maya that Mac was asking for her, and she nodded then followed the doctor to Mac's room, when she walked inside to see him and she grazed his cheek softly with her knuckles.

The team were wondering who she was, as Mac had never told them aabout Maya, but right now all that mattered was for Mac to recover and he knew that having Maya by his side, he would recover.

Mac woke up to see Maya there and he smiled at her, as she smiled back to him, then kissed his forehead softly as she was so glad that he had pulled through for them and the twins.

Maya tells Mac " I love you.", as Mac replied " I love you too.", while Maya entwined her hand with his lovingly as she loved him with everything she had and she always would love him for the rest of her life.

Mac smiled then asked " Where's Emily and Lucas?", as Maya replied " They are with my parents" and Mac nodded knowing that their kids were safe and he loved being a father to his children Emily Louise and Lucas McKenna Taylor.

Maya sat up next to Mac and gently cuddled into him as not to hurt him after what he went through, as Mac placed his arm around Maya and kissed her collarbone in a loving way, as he loved her so much.

Claire watched Mac and Maya together, which made her smile seeing him so happy and she disappeared for the final time as she knew that Mac was at peace and happy with Maya.

Should there be more? R&R
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Near Death [ Mac Taylor ]
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