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 Euphoria [ Speedle ]

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PostSubject: Euphoria [ Speedle ]   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:04 am

Title : Euphoria
Pairing : Lexie & Tim Speedle
Rating : T
Feat : Miami team & Lexie/Speed's famliy
A/N : Own nothing just the girl.
Summary : A secret kept for a long time but will it come out? Based around seasons 1 & 2 of CSI:Miami

Chapter One

Tim Speedle had moved to Miami with his wife Lexie, whose parents tried to stop her from leaving with Tim, but Lexie chose Tim over her own family and she knew that it was what she wanted.

Once in Miami, Lexie and Tim settled into their condo and unpacked their stuff as Tim pulled Lexie into him and kissed her passionately as she kissed him back when he lead her to their bedroom.

Tim wanted their fun to be special, as he then nibbed at Lexie's neck as she moaned in pleasure and started to unbutton his shirt and pants which, Tim quickly removed and once he was on top of Lexie, he takes her.

Lexie loved her new life with hubby Tim and she cuddled up to him after their fun as Speed holds her close to him and he rubs her arm softly with his fingertips in a loving way.

Tim knew that he'd be starting at MDPD the following week and Speed could spend personal time with his wife in the privacy of their condo together without anyone trying to break them up.

Lexie loved Speed and she thought back to when her parents disliked Speed but Lexie knew that she loved him so much and felt safe with him and so loved by him too.

Speed thought how lucky he was when Lexie agreed to be with him and she was glad that she agreed to join him in Miami so they could have a fresh start together.

Speed asks Lexie " Is it ok with you that I never mention that I'm married?" when Lexie replied " I don't mind sweetheart." as Speed kissed her happy that she'd agreed to keep their marriage a secret.

Lexie had fallen asleep on Speed's chest with her right hand on his heart as Speed held her close to him happy that they were together and happy.

Speed hadn't told his family about the job in Miami and he'd disappeared with Lexie and no contact had not happened as Lexie and Speed wanted to be alone together.

Lexie knew that Speed was her soul mate and she was glad he was her hubby, Speed knew how she felt about him and his feelings for her were the same and he would protect her for the rest of his life.

How long can Speed and Lexie keep their marriage secret?
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Euphoria [ Speedle ]
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