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 Broken - One Shot ( Nick Stokes )

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Broken - One Shot ( Nick Stokes ) Empty
PostSubject: Broken - One Shot ( Nick Stokes )   Broken - One Shot ( Nick Stokes ) EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 2:41 pm

Just another drabble that came to mind
I own nothing but Lisa

Sin City or Las Vegas was the home to a CSI named Nick Stokes and he'd had a tough year with the tragic death of his father from a heart attack,, and he'd shut everyone out as he wanted to be left alone.

The only person Nick allowed to help him in this sad time was his girlfriend Lisa who would later turn out to be the rock Nick really needed at the time, and Lisa helped Nick to deal with his father Bill's death.

Nick was crying himself to sleep and Lisa worried about him and all she could do was be his rock and help him grieve with the loss of his father.

A month or so had passed since Bill passed away and Lisa had something to tell Nick but, she wanted the timing to be just right and so she waited until they were in bed.

Lisa turned to Nick and tells him " I need to tell you something." as, Nick then said " What is it sweetie?" and Lisa admitted, " I'm pregnant Nick.".

Nick was surprised that Lisa was pregnant and replied " When did you find out?" and Lisa then said " Three weeks ago and I didn't tell you as you were upset about your father.".

Nick knew that she was being considrate about his feelings over the loss of his father and Nick pulled Lisa in to his body, then cuddled her lovingly as his hand rested on her stomach.

Lisa loved Nick so much and she just wanted to be there for him, whenever he needed her but she knew that she needed him in her life after her kidnap ordeal the year before.

Nick was thinking back to the worst sixteen hours of his life when Lisa was kidnapped and she had been told that she couldn't have kids but a year later, she was pregnant.

As the months passed, Lisa and Nick grew closer to each other and Nick had asked Lisa to move in with him and she agreed to live with him at his place.

Lisa had went into early labour a month early and Nick was by her side, as she gave birth seven hours later to their daughter, who they named Aimee Jillian Stokes.

Nick was loving being a father to Aimee but he wished his father could meet his granddaughter but, Nick knew he was watching over them all from above.

Lisa knew that she had proved the doctors wrong when she got pregnant and she worried about each twinge she had while pregnant but she was now a mom to Aimee.

Nick grasped fatherhood with both hands and loved being a father to his little princess who looked so much like him, which made Nick realise how lucky he was to become a dad to Aimee.

The End.....
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Broken - One Shot ( Nick Stokes )
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