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 MIA-Missing In Action Part Two

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Detective Mark Caset


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PostSubject: MIA-Missing In Action Part Two   Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:06 am

MIA-Missing In Action Part Two

Previously In MIA......
As the CSI New York Team got another case from the Alley Killer,while back at the lab,the team finds out there's another body!!Mac beats the team to the scene and was kidnapped by the Alley Killer!!

Backup arrived and busted in the door."Everything alright?"asked one of the officers,sending the team ahaead he walked over to the group of CSIs."Mac's hit,we need a paramedic now!"Danny replied,glancing over his shoulder at the officer before returning to Mac.The officer nodded and fetched paramedics.They rushed in and got Mac on an ambulence.As the building was cleared,Jo sighed and Danny stood.Jo bit her bottom lip nervously."Two kills in one day and then he goes after Mac?"Lindsay asked."He's getting braver."noted Danny."The braver he gets,the more mistakes he's likely to make."he continued.Jo nodded."But then why did he leave the gun at the first crime scene?"she asked.Lindsay looked down at the floor in confusion."Maybe to throw us off?"Danny wondered.Jo nodded and shrugged."We should see if the bullets match,the one from the victim and a test from the gun."she said."You two go back to the second scene,finish up there and then give me a call and we'll all work on this one."she said to them.Danny nodded and Lindsay and him headed out back down the alleys back to the crime scene.The officer from earlier met Jo as she headed out."What exactly happened?"he asked,"Is Detective Taylor alright?"he asked.Jo sighed,"When he arrived at the scene early,we believe the Alley Killer came back."Jo paused for a moment,caught up in her own worries for Mac."He shot him."

Danny and Lindsay headed back to the scene."Ok,so what do we know so far?"he asked as they picked up their gear."Well,"Lindsay started,"Just like the other victims from the Alley Killer,this vic has the one shot to the forehead."she noted the shot and took pictures."And we have her id here."Danny said,holding up the wallet."And that's where we left off."Lindsay finished.Danny nodded he looked down at the burnette's knuckles."But this isn't normal for him."Danny said.Lindsay looked over at the vic's knuckles."Looks like she put up a struggle."she noted."Yeah."Danny replied,grabbing the camera and snapping some pictures of the marks."He's getting more than he bargained for."he remarked."Yeah."Lindsay said.

The officer looked down."Is he going to be alright?"he asked.Jo glanced down."I don't know."she responded.She shook her head,"I gotta get back to the lab."she said somewhat quietly before she headed out.Back in the lab,Jo had the gun and had the bullet on the comparison microscope and she slipped a pair of saftey glasses on and took the gun and took aim at the gel dummy.She shot off a round and looked down at the dummy.She went out and fetched the bullet and checked it on the comparison microscope.She looked down.It was a match.She looked up in confusion.It was the murder weapon,but why leave it at the scene?She called Danny and let him know the news and headed out to help them with the scene.

As Jo arrived,Lindsay met her with Danny beside where the body had been."Ok,"Danny started."So if we all know Mac,we would be down here,looking for an id,when surprise!"he said,this is when Lindsay came up behind him and put a hand over his mouth."Now I have a gun to his head,and so I drag him back there into the warehouse where I tie him up and shoot him."Lindsay said as she motioned down the alley towards where they found Mac.Danny stood as Lindsay let him go.Jo nodded."It would explain how he got Mac away with not much of a struggle."she said."And we got the ropes from around Mac's rists,possibly biologicals."Lindsay said.Jo nodded.She paused.As if Danny read her mind he said,"Mac said he had a 45,that's a lot more than he usaually has.""And way too big for me to have to your head."Lindsay continued,pointing her fingers at him in the shape of a handgun.Danny nodded,"He must of used Mac's own gun or he had the 45 stashed at the warehouse and he caried the 9 milimeter with him."he replied.He looked at Lindsay and saw her little gun and gave her a half smile."Ohh,I'm sure I'd be dead within a minute if you shot me with that."he said with a laugh.Lindsay gave him a look and he laughed a little more.Jo smilied,"Alright,come on you two,Mac was shot today,we need to catch this gut today!"she pointed out.Danny nodded."Well if he stored the gun there...."Lindsay started."It means he was planning this,we should go back and see if we can find where he had this gun."Danny finished."Let's go."Jo told them and the three headed back to the warehouse.

Mac sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed at the hospital and looked over at the doctor."Taylor,don't give me that look."he told the detective as he caught the look.Mac glanced out the window and nodded."Now you stay put,I want no word of you leaving early.I want you here for 24 hours for observation."he told him with a glance at Mac."You're lucky that that gunshot wound wasn't more serious than it was."the doctor continued before he scribbled one more note down on his clipboard."Thank you doctor."Mac said to him.The doctor nodded and gave Mac a smile before he left the room.

Lindsay searched aroun the room they had first searched for Mac.She came across a large case,opening it up,she found hooks to hang up a gun like a 45."Jo!"she called."I got a gun case!"she called.Danny and Jo came over."That would definatley be enough room to hold a 45."he noted.Jo nodded."Yep."Jo was destracted by a phone call.She looked down as the caller id came up as Mac Taylor."Mac?"she asnwered."Well,who else would it be?"he asked her with a light laugh.Jo sighed and smilied."Don't play that game with me Mac!"she told him.Danny and Lindsay sighed.Danny gave Jo a look that asked Is he alright?"Are you alright?"she asked Mac.Mac sighed and a slight smile crossed Jo's face at his reaction."I'm fine.I am."he assured her."Well,you stay there until the doctor tells you that you can leave."she told him."Yeah,I will."he told her,"How are you on the case?"he asked.Jo sighed,"You let me worry about the case,you worry about getting better."she told him."Now,I gotta go,bye Mac.""Bye."Jo hung up and looked back to Lindsay and Danny."He's fine."she told them.Danny let out a sigh and Lindsay relaxed."Ok,so,back to the case."she told them.Lindsay nooded and closed one of the doors to the case and looked at the handle,"I wonder if he left prints?"she wondered."Can't hurt to try."Danny told her as Jo went over to her kit and pulled out dusting materials to dust the handle and case.After applying it,they found a partial and a full print,both seemed to be from the same person."That's more than enough."Danny said as he lifted the two of them and looked down at them."Alright,lets get this stuff back to the lab."Jo said and the three gathered their gear and the evidence and headed back to the lab.
Work on more later..........

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MIA-Missing In Action Part Two
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