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 MIA-Missing In Action-(CSI New York Fanfition)

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Detective Mark Caset

Detective Mark Caset

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MIA-Missing In Action-(CSI New York Fanfition) Empty
PostSubject: MIA-Missing In Action-(CSI New York Fanfition)   MIA-Missing In Action-(CSI New York Fanfition) EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 12:50 am

MIA-Missing in Action
A CSI: New York Fanfiction
Created by:Detective Mark Caset

Mac stepped out of his car and walked over to the crime scene tape and ducked under it."Mac,"Jo said,walking over to him."What do we have?"he asked her."Meet Lisa Tanner."Jo responded.She sighed,"It looks like another victim from the Alley Killer."she continued with a nod to the dead blonde laying in the middle of the alley.Mac frowned slightly."This guy is starting to get on my nerves."he told her as he walked over and kneeled down by the body."Huh...You're telling me that?"asked Jo.Mac nodded and he looked down the alley.He looked down at the victim,one clean shot to the forehead,dead on and straight in the middle.Mac sighed,"This is definetly him."he said.Jo picked up a casing and examined it."It's a nine milimeter,just like him."she said."Eaisly concealed,eaisily disapeers."he told her."Mac,"Danny was standing near the edge of the crime scene tape holding up a nine milimeter."We've got a murder weapon."he said,refering to the gun.Mac looked over as he heard his name and then looked at a gun."Well,"he said as he stood."That is a nine milimeter."he said as he took the gun from Danny and examined."Same as the bullet that killed Lisa."Jo replied.She was still standing by the body,camera in hand."Let's get it back to the lab,run it for prints."Mac said."Will do."Danny replied as he bagged the gun.

Jo walked into the lab and met Lindsay inside."Did you get results from the prints on the gun we found this morning?"she asked as she walked over."None yet....."she was stopped as she got results from the gun prints.She looked at the screen with a slight frown."What is it?"asked Jo.Lindsay bit her lip with a sigh."It's the Alley killer alright."she said looking at the screen.Jo frowned."That's not surprising."she replied.She stared at the table,lost in thought.She snapped back to reality as her phone rang from her pocket."Danville."she answered."Jo."It was Mac."Grab Danny and Lindsay,we've got another supposed killing by the Alley Killer."he told her."Alright,we'll be right over,where at?"she asked him."Advers Way and 5th."Mac responded before hanging up and heading off to the crime scene.Jo hung up and looked over at Lindsay."They've got another body."

Mac arrived on the scene before the others so he walked over to the body,it was a burnette,probably in her mid 20s,early 30s.He slipped on some gloves before he went through her purse.He pulled out a wallet and found a drivers license.It was Mary Challence.Mac,who was still looking down at the wallet,was unaware of another man sneaking up behind him.He was surprised as a hand went over his mouth and he found a gun to his head.The wallet fell to the ground."Don't move."a voice said to him.Mac glanced around.Dang!

"Mac?"Jo asked as she stepped out of the car.Danny got out of the drivers side and looked around."Where is he?"he asked.Lindsay looked around."That's his truck,ain't it?"she asked with a nod to a black Chevy sitting along the sidewalk on the other side of the street.Danny and Jo followed her nod.Jo sighed,"Yeah.."she said."But where's Mac?"Danny asked looking down the alley.Jo walked over to one of the officers."Excuse me,"she said to him."Detective Danville."he said as he looked up at her."How can I help you?"he asked."Uhhmm,you haven't by any chance seen Detective Mac Taylor here,have you?"she asked looking at him.A look of confusion crossed the officer's face."No mam,we haven't."he replied.Jo bit her bottom lip nervously.The officer caught this."Is there something wrong,Detective?"he asked."He was supposed to meet us here....his truck is here,"she started to tell him,with a nod towards the black Chevy,"But he's not here."she said as she threw a confused look down the alley where Danny and Lindsay had started to process the body.Danny had the wallet in hand and Jo walked over to meet him."What is it?"she asked him.Danny glanced down at the woman's purse."It seems like Mac started to look for an id,but never got the chance to see it."he responded with a nod to the purse."This wasn't in the same position it is now as it was at the time of her death."he pointed out.Jo nodded.This just proved the oppisite of what she wanted to hear."Then where's Mac?"she asked out loud.

Mac stared down his kidnapper as he sat in a chair.The kidnapper just looked at him with a menacing laugh."Detective Taylor,"he said,another laugh.Mac just looked back at him,unsure of where this man planned on taking this,but taking into account the 45 calliper in his hand,he assumed Murder."I know who you are,and I bet you know who I am."the killer continued,still looking Mac in the eye."Why did you kill all those women?"Mac asked,not bothering to play around.Granted,Mac was face to face with a killer,him tied to a chair,the killer with a 45,since when had Mac not been in a smilar situation in which he was face to with a killer?Hmmm,that was a long time ago.The man simply laughed."You don't need to know that,Taylor."he said to him.Mac looked at him."As a matter of fact,I do."Mac replied,his gaze not wavering from the man in front on him.

Jo sighed in frustration as she got Mac's voicemail again."Still no luck?"asked Danny,a worried expression on his face.Jo shook her head as put her phone back in her pocket.She looked down at the ground and that's when she noticed the drag marks leading down the alley way.She walked along the tracks and as she ducked under the second strip of Crime Scene Tape Danny asked,"Where you going?"he asked.She paused in front of the tape."There's drag marks here.I wanna see where they go."She told him.Danny and Lindsay exchanged a glance before they set their things down and walk over to her."Not alone I hope."Lindsay told her as the three duck under the tape and follow the marks.

"You are bold,aren't you?"the man asked with an evil chuckle.Mac stared at him."Why'd you do it?"he asked again.The man sighed annoyingly,he had had enough of the detective's questions and he lifted the gun up and shot Mac in the shoulder."Agghh!"Mac inhaled sharply as pain coursed through his shoulder."Shut up."said the man,and with that,he turned on his heel walking out with the gun in hand,leaving Mac tied to the chair.

"Mac?"called Danny.They were deep in the alley ways of the city now and where coming upon an old and abandoned warehouse."Mac?Mac,it's us!"Jo called.The three approached the warehouse with guns up.Danny took one side of the door,Lindsay on the other.Danny looked at Jo and Jo nodded and kicked in the door."NYPD!"she called."Mac?"Lindsay called as she took one side of Jo."Mac!"Jo called again.Danny nodded to another room and Jo nodded back and he headed over and peeked in.He almost had to do a double take."Mac!"he called as he ran over to him,gun lowered."Is he alright?"Jo asked as she came in the room with gun up and she looked around.Mac looked up at Danny."You just missed him!"he said through gritted teeth.Danny nodded."He's hit,Jo!"he told her.Lindsay quickly ran over and undid Mac's hands."45 calliper."Mac told them.Jo quickly called in Backup and an ambulence.Out front was Hardford's Way so they could get the ambulence to come up there."Hang on Mac!"she told him as she put pressure on his shoulder and glanced around,she exchanged a glance with Danny before she heard sirens from the police cars off in the distance."Hang on!"

To Be Continued.......
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MIA-Missing In Action-(CSI New York Fanfition)
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