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 Reed Garrett

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Reed Garrett


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PostSubject: Reed Garrett   Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:53 pm

First name : Reed
Surname : Garrett
Age :
Job : Journalism

Physical description

Write a character biography.

Reed Garrett is the son of Claire Conrad Taylor, Mac's late wife. Claire had given birth to Reed when she was very young, and had given him up for adoption long before she met Mac. At first, Reed mistakenly believes that Stella Bonasera is Claire, having observed the close friendship between Mac and Stella. After he learns the truth, Reed is reluctant to connect with Mac, because Mac is not his biological father. Still, Reed knows that Mac is the only link he has to knowing more about his mother.

In episode 310 "Sweet 16", Mac visits Reed at his home for Thanksgiving, and gives him photos of Claire. Reed and Mac bond further during the events of episode 315 "Some Buried Bones", in which Reed's friend at college is murdered and Reed himself is assaulted. Reed also learns that the body of his mother has, to date, never been recovered from the World Trade Center site.

During season 4, Reed is shown to have become interested in journalism, putting him at odds with Mac while trying to follow a case concerning a serial killer who uses a taxicab as the murder weapon. He is shown getting unknowingly into the killer's cab at the end of episode 419 "Personal Foul", but the driver does not kill him and instead gives Reed information on the "Cabbie Killer" to post on his blog. In episode 420 "Taxi", he is kidnapped by the "Cabbie Killer", who wishes to use Reed to get his message across to the public. He is bound and gagged with duct tape and carried in the trunk of the taxi along with another victim.

By leaving hints in his online blog, Mac and the team are able to rescue him.[13] Reed returns in episode 617 "Pot of Gold", when he requests Mac's help in persuading a fellow net journalist to come forward with incriminating evidence pertaining to a gold fraud case. He is shown to be less aggressive in pursuing news due to his kidnapping by the Cabbie Killer and the psychological trauma he received.
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Reed Garrett
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