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  a rather bazaar crime spree (Stella)

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Det. Shannon Kelly


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PostSubject: a rather bazaar crime spree (Stella)   Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:01 am

Jennifer Mullen and her husband Robert were out celebrating their anniversary, both were having a good time as they reminisced about how they met and far they have come in their relationship. "I'm so happy to be a a wife and mother." Jennifer said to her husband, Robert nodded in reply, "Your a great wife and mother at that." he said to her, Jennifer smiled when Robert said that, little did they know, their six year old daughter Maya and her babysitter, 15 year old Kaitlyn Baxter had fallen victim to a rather bazaar crime spree, Jennifer and Robert would find out when they saw the photo of the girls hanging from the door, both were tied up and sitting on the bed, Jennifer flipped out and went inside while Robert called the police

seconds later, Shannon arrived at the house, parking as close as she could, seeing Det. Flack, she walked over to him, "Hey Don, what do we got?" she asked, Don looked at Shannon, then handed her the photo, Shannon took it, sighing a bit when she saw what it was, "Great" she said to herself, "The pacifier bandit does it again." she said out loud, not knowing that she had an audience
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a rather bazaar crime spree (Stella)
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