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 A Homicide in High School

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Harvey Williams


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PostSubject: A Homicide in High School   Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:36 pm

I walked down the corridor, I had just asked the teacher if I could excuse myself from the classroom to go to the toilet, as I was walking down, my best mate Julian caught up with me,
"You're late" I mentioned and he nodded,
"I know, has Mr Benson done the roll yet?" he asked and I nodded as we turned into the corridor that led to the toilets.

As we approached the toilets I could hear the school bully shouting at someone before storming out, I peered inside the boys' toilets to see Owen Rodriguez on the floor beaten with something. I looked around the toilet and I could see blood every where. I dialled 911 before I dialled my Dad's number but then I realised he'd probably come anyway due to the fact that he's a CSI. I told Julian to get the principle and I stood away and waited for the CSIs to come.
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Det. Jayson Williams


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PostSubject: Re: A Homicide in High School   Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:33 am

I had just got into my work Yukon when my cell phone beeped: Homicide @ Brooklyn High I frowned becuase this was Casey's school, I was worried for Casey but I knew I had a job to do so I got into my car and headed for the Crime Scene. Whe I arrived I walked into High School clutching my Crime Scene kit in my right hand. I texted Mac to see if he had got the message about the Homicide before letting the SOC Officer lead me to the Scene.

When we arrived I noticed that I was the first there, even Don wasn't there. I just shurgged and looked for Casey, I found him leaning against some lockers, I walked over to him and he looked at me before looking to the ground,

"What happened Casey?" I asked before noticing that he had blood on his shirt, "You also have blood on you shirt" I swabbed the shirt and told him to take it off, luckily he had a shirt underneath, I put it in an evidence bag and I sighed.
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A Homicide in High School
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