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 The Truth Beneath The Rose ( Horatio Caine )

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PostSubject: The Truth Beneath The Rose ( Horatio Caine )   Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:24 pm

Title : The Truth Beneath The Rose
Pairing : Horatio & Ellie
Others : Miami Team make rare appearences and Ellie's friends and family will appear
Rating : PG 13
Summary : Ellie's trapped in a fire at a hotel and it's up to Horatio to try and save Ellie but will Horatio pull it off??

Chapter One

Miami was home to Horatio Caine and so many crimes were taking place and most cases were solved but some werent and Horatio hated that and also not being able to save kids and it struck a cord with Horatio who thought that life was going past way too fast and that was until a case at a local hotel which was on fire and Horatio arrived on the scene with Calleigh and so Horatio heads into the hotel to see if there was anyone still inside and Horatio entered a room on the third floor and saw a young girl lying on the floor not moving and Horatio leans down and checks to see if the girl is still alive and Horatio sighed that the girl was still alive..

Horatio asks " Are you ok?" and the girl chokes and whispers " Not really and get me out of here" to which Horatio picks the young girl up in his arms and Horatio carries her out the back way and lets her down who looks up at Horatio and tells him " Thank you for saving my life" and Horatio nods at the young girl and the paramedics take her to hospital followed by Horatio who was starting to realise that maybe he thought it was time to settle with someone and have a chance at love again..

Horatio enters the girl's room and she looks up and sees her hero who takes off his sunglasses and tells her " I'm Lt. Horatio Caine and i want to ask you about the fire" and she tells Horatio " I'm Ellie Rebecca Costello and i was staying at the hotel with friends when the fire broke out and i dont know much and i thought that i was gonna die but you saved my life and i'm glad you did" and Horatio smiles at Ellie who smiles back at the guy who saved her..

A few days later Ellie left hospital and caught up with her friends who were heading back to Dakota and Ellie tells her friend Mia " I'm gonna stay in Miami for a while and settle here", then Ellie spots Horatio nearby who walks over to Ellie and asks " How you feeling?" and Ellie tells Horatio " I'm ok and staying here for a while" and Horatio smiles knowing that Ellie's gonna stay for a bit longer and Horatio hoped maybe they could be together..

Will Ellie and Horatio be together??
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The Truth Beneath The Rose ( Horatio Caine )
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