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 Beytrayed (Anyone)

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John Walter

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PostSubject: Beytrayed (Anyone)   Beytrayed (Anyone) EmptySun Mar 27, 2011 5:07 pm

John was in the streets of New York then he fell down and was knocked out cold, when he woke up a voice said "Remenber me?" John replied "Harry, how could you still be alive?"
2008,12,31, Iraq, 10:34
John was in a humvee with his SEAL team then a rpg fired and hitted the humvee infront of him, rushing forward John shouted "Harry hold them off, Sam see if their are survivors and Jackson go and radio for help!" then another rpg hitted the humvee Harry and Jackson where in.
Present Day
"You left me and Jackson for dead." said Harry. "I thought you where dead from the explosion." "No I survived Jackson died there, and we were beytrayed by Sam, he told the taliban where we where so where is Sam?" "Sam, he went missing two weeks after that." "My intel tells me he is in New York under the alias Moris Craig, so will you help me kill him for beytraying us?" "How do I know you are telling the truth?"
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Beytrayed (Anyone)
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