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 Lethal Interrorgation (anyone)

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Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer

CTU Again
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Lethal Interrorgation (anyone) Empty
PostSubject: Lethal Interrorgation (anyone)   Lethal Interrorgation (anyone) EmptyFri Mar 11, 2011 9:27 am

There was a man tied on a chair, and I walked forward, if you wonder who I m I m Jack Bauer, federal agent and this might be the longest day of my life, it all started when I got a call saying that my assistance was needed in handling crisis, soon after that I found out a group of terrorist planned to detonate nuclear devices in the city, the man tied to the chair is one of them, so here I begin, "WHO SENT YOU!" I shouted, no reply, I grabbed a knife from the table near me and stabbed him, then I asked again, this time he answered "Go to hell!" and I said "You first." So I grabbed a pair of iron rods, connected it to a car battery and gave him the shock of his life, repeating it multiple times he expired under my interrorgation but not without giving me some information saying that the bomb would go off some where near the UN building so I call CTU and told them it, telling me they would dispacth CTU agents and local officers to try and find the bomb, and after that I entered my car and headed toward the UN building.
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Lethal Interrorgation (anyone)
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