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 surprises (Stella)

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Det. Thomas Kelly


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PostSubject: surprises (Stella)   Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:59 pm

Thomas was in his office finishing his report after closing a case, as he finished up, his phone rang, "Kelly" he answered, "Thomas, I need to see you, our father is in trouble." a woman's voice said, Thomas sat up, "How do you know him?" he asked in reply, "Please Thomas, all will be explained." the woman stated, Thomas noticed that she had an English accent, "Were are you?" he asked, the woman said nothing and hung up, Thomas was perplexed, then hung up as well, after a few seconds, he called down to the communications desk and asked them to send a recording of the call to his office to the A/V lab, after talking with the officer that was there, Thomas got into the A/V lab and went over the call closely
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surprises (Stella)
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