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Keira Wilder


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PostSubject: Bar/Club   Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:23 am

At her Uncle's friend and co-worker's Franco's bar.....

Keira, dressed in a black leather jacket, skin tight jeans, a purple tank top and some high heeled shoes steped on back stage with her band.

Christopher Flynn, was the drummer of band, followed by Kyle on bass, Aaron on electric guitar, Sam also on guitar, Sasha was a back up singer as well as Kayla.

"Now introducing our local band, The Boy's in Blue!"

Everyone in the audience turned their eyes to the stage.

it started out with the electric guitar followed by drums. Slowly it begain to getinto a faster rhythm

Then Keira started to sing.

"The Sky is dyed with crimson red, that comes out of the darkness of what needs to be said,
The stars we used to know, no longer glow, obscured by all the Ash that falls like Snow."

Bass and electric guitar started to move faster.

"I watched it all, through the window of my grief,I never dreamed, that I'd feel so cold.
There I come for you.
All of my hopes... are in a shroud of desolation....
dreams that I once had have all been crushed,
and now that everythings changed I have been holding on so despereately.....
to the precious things that I can not protect......"

"Cause I always break them...." Keira and Kayala, and Sasha sang

More guitar and bass.

"My heart is played just like a harp, by sinful hands of darkness with nails oh so sharp.
your voice is like a drug, that makes me numb, it leaves me with no senses deaf and dumb
No mater how we try to win this war.... it never ends! and why must it be me?! who does the fighting!"

"Even if all the light around us is extingushed even if the earth is turned to dust,
I won't ever forget that tiny wish that burns eternally.... it will guide us to a better world somewhere....."

A slower melody, kept by bass, and drums.

"There I come for you... yeah, Ash Like Snow is falling down from your sky." sung Sasha, Kayala and Keira

"Ash Like Snow! Ash Like Snow.... Ash Like Snow....Let me hear why I have to fight......"

"And now all of my hopes are in a shroud of desolation, dreams that I once had have all been crushed in exchanged for the glory that can over come the choking dark,
I have given up the strength I used to protect what I love.....
It's falling from your sky......
I don't know what to do......
Baby I come for you....
Evertime that I'm touched by broken shards of what was once a dream
I will reach into the darkness of my heart and I will try to find the strength to carry on!"

"Cause I made it this far."

When they finished Keira took a deep breath and another. Everyone in the audience clapped, even a few whistled.

Keira loved to sing, she's been singing since she was eight years old, her first song being 'Oh Danny Boy' Everyone in her family expected her to have a singing career, even her father, even though she loved to sing, she didn't want to do it for a job. This was just a hobby.

As the group finished their small brake getting some water they started up again.
Keira grabbed her electric guitar and begain to play, followed by Kyle and Sam

"Listen up: What can You hear?
Does my voice simply disappear
Sucked away into the void so empty and so Dark!"

"If there is more to this world, then I can be certain at last
That this drive burining with in has some role to fulfill.....

I was crushed by the longing welling up inside
And I had just surrendered
Without having touched the air above the ground or the endless sky........

So I began to run.....
Because I feel it, even now,
These sensations overflowing in the beating of my heart

I say Carpe Diem!
As I am reaching for my goal.....
We'll create our own tomorrows 'till this world is finally whole!

The answer I have found.....
Will always burn within my soul......

Keia stopped and the band played their solo and she started to sing again

Time goes on, nothing will last,
I will not hold onto the past.
I cannot waver again because I am afraid....
No more doubt, no more regret
No more things to make me forget
That I am destined for more, and it's all in my hands.....

I have travelled so far and learned so many things
By following your shadow.....
And now I can see that it is only me who can seize my fate!

I listened to your words, and I can hear them even now....
'Cause they echo in this memory that I hold deep in my heart.

I've found the reason why, and I just know it's here to stay:
I was born into this world so I could cherish every day!

The answer I have found.
Will never ever go away.

All these truths revealed..... themselves in a way that was so natural and warm....
Those precious days of youth.... haven't yet come to end, and they will return

So I began to run.....
Because I feel it, even now,
These sensations overflowing in the beating of my heart....

I say Carpe Diem!
As I am reaching for my goal,
We'll create our own tomorrows 'till this world is finally whole!

The answer I have found.
Will always burn within my soul..... "

Keira finished singing and everyone clapped as the song ended.

She smiled and bowed. Her eyes scanned the crowd, not really searching for anyone in particular. When she got off stage along with the rest of the band. her cell rang. After reading caller ID it was work. she sighed. Another day, Another Dollar

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